Considerable development at PATENT Ltd.

The site development project has been finished at PATENT.

Within the framework of the investment a parking lot for 40 cars was established, approximately 7000 m2 internal solid surface, a new, two-storey office building of 360 m2 and an approximately 1800 m2 extension to the existing production hall of 1400 m2. The extension consists of many integrated parts, such as a blacksmith, a machining and a surface treatment workshop.

The total value of the project is HUF 455 498 600, of which HUF 90 342 827 is financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). As a result of the development, 14 new jobs are set up at PATENT on long term.

The above investment involves development of both capital goods and technology in the framework of another ERDF supported project. PATENT has been awarded a support of HUF 20 000 000 for the procurement of equipment of HUF 72 280 000 value. The following equipment were procured to expand our manufacturing capacity:

  • one piece of 1 x 20 ton capacity bridge-crane with hook height of 19m,
  • one piece of 1 x 10 ton capacity bridge crane with hook height of 12 m,
  • one piece of 5 ton capacity bridge crane with hook height of 6m,
  • one complete, turnkey degreasing and pickling-passivating system for the surface treatment of stainless steel material in the pickling-passivating facility
  • in connection to the above mentioned a chemical rinsing and recycling system and
  • one automatic batch wastewater treatment system

The project was completed for its due date.

With the help of the above mentioned projects Patent Ltd goes on with its professional development and with the expansion of its fabrication possibilities to the satisfaction of its clients. Click here to proceed to page