Monumental site tank erection project at PATENT Kft.

We are producing food industrial tanks for a highly significant investment at Tisza-TK Projekt Kft until the end of autumn 2016. PATENT Kft. has contracted for the design and construction of the tanks of the sugar plant (design, pre-fabrication and on-site assembly).

Under this contract we are manufacturing 7 types of tanks, a total of 28 pieces, fabricated either in our workshop, or on site. The tanks will provide a total of 150 000 m3 storage capacity.

The surfaces of the stainless steel tanks (that are) being fabricated in our production hall are pickled-passivated (acid cleaned) in our own facility, at our premises. All the raw materials used in manufacturing have been purchased in Hungary.

The investment

The plant being constructed is a Hungarian owned grain processing plant where food industrial raw materials and animal feeds are made. The investment is realized in the industrial park, located in Tiszapüspöki, near Szolnok. 550 workplaces will be established in the plant and approximately 750 indirect jobs will be created in the Hungarian economy.

The 145 million EURO greenfield investment of the Tisza-TK Projekt Kft. is being constructed based on the best available technology and the necessary heat energy is gained from biomass. The plant being constructed will process half million tons of corn a year, it’s production capacity will be one of the largest production capacities in Europe: beside the wild range of 250. 000 tonnes of sugar products, the product range of the plant will cover products from the best quality alcohol to cooking oil ingredients. The production of non-GMO feed materials for animal raising will also be significant.